About Us

Who are PoolKlar?

PoolKlar was started by Eur Ing Peter Lloyd BSc, CEng, MIChemE, MBA a chartered chemical engineer with many years experience in the water industry. He PoolKlar Logoled a specialist industrial effluent treatment group for Simon-Hartley (part of Thames Water) for a number of years, a company that built most of the sewage and wastewater treatment plants throughout the UK and commonwealth. 

He was also a process engineering consultant to Biwater and other UK water companies for drinking water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment plant design and troubleshooting.  As a result of his work at Silicon Valley specialist Wastewater Treatment Systems Inc where he designed many plants to treat the chip and other fabricator's toxic wastes (including cyanide, hydrogen flouride and metal plating wastes) he became a leading expert on heavy metal pollution removal from industrial waste water. 

What is SuperKlar?

SuperKlar is the first of several innovative water treatment products in the pipeline.  It is the result of extensive laboratory tests and field trials to optimise its performance.  This has made it not only the most effective but also the safest pool treatment chemical available on the market today.