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SuperKlar Pool Clarifier

Makes Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Diamond Clear

Fast & Effective

Safe & Easy-to-use

What is SuperKlar?

The Coagulation Treatment Process

The Flocculation Treatment Process

Need a Pool Shock treatment to clean your pool?

Cloudy Pool Treatment

Add SuperKlar clarifier, mix in and leave to settle overnight.  Vacuum the settled flocs to waste. Apply a second dose to polish the pool water to a sparkle for the next 7 days.

Green Algae Pool Treatment? - No Problem

Treat with algacide first then add SuperKlar clarifier to remove green colour.  Mix in, leave to settle overnight and then vacuum the settled flocs to waste.   

Dirty, Stagnant Pool Treatment

Check pH, add SuperKlar clarifier, mix in and allow to settle overnight.  Vacuum the flocs to waste.  Apply a second dose to provide a 7-day polish for a sparkling clear pool.

Why Do Sand Filters Alone Not Work?

Why is SuperKlar Safer & Better Than Aluminium Sulphate?

What About Cryptosporidium Oocyst removal?

Can SuperKlar be used for Spas and Hot Tubs?

Enjoy Your Pool

Keep it looking amazing!

I have used many pool clearing chemicals over the years but SuperKlar is the best by far.

Tom Anderson, June 2020

I can't believe how sparkling clear SuperKlar made my pool - and great value too!

Claire Woodbridge, Aug 2020

Awesome stuff - SuperKlar works like magic.

Jason Cummins, Sept 2020