PoolKlar Launches SuperKlar - Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Clarifier

PoolKlar is launching it's SuperKlar pool clarifier product on 12th October when it will be in stock.  SuperKlar removes all colloidal suspended solids and colour from cloudy, dirty swimming pool spa or hot tub water.

SuperKlar is an innovative blend of new powerful poly aluminium chloride based long-chain polymers that have proven to outperform conventional products.  It is the result of extensive laboratory testing followed by large scale field trials. 

SuperKlar is 100% safe drinking-water grade and can be safely swallowed permitting the pool to continue to be used whilst acting quickly.  It has many benefits over traditional aluminium sulphate clarifier.  The bulk of the debris is removed as flocs within 4-6 hours but SuperKlar continues working for 7 days polishing your water to the clarity of diamonds.  Use for shock treatment cure or prevention.